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Rent a bike and discover Porto…
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Rent a Bike

Rent a Bike

From 5€


Choose and reserve a bike with “Bai de Bicla ® – Rent a Bike” and come to discover the city of Porto.

The “Bai de Bicla ® – Rent a Bike” is located in the historic center of Porto in the Arts district, but we provide delivery and collection service of bike anywhere.


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Bike Tours

Bike Tours

From 25€


Discover by bike the “Unvanquished” and all the city of Porto and the surrounding area have to offer you. We have created ways to show you the city of Porto or surroundings, in a different and fun way, for all ages.

We offer unique experiences and with a striking character.


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Luggage Storage

Luggage Storage

From 5€


Leave your luggage safely with us and enjoy your journey!
Our booking system is simple and guarantees a secure payment.

Once the reservation is complete, you will receive an email with confirmation and all necessary information.


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Hire Points




 Cedofeita (center) – Headquarters

Rua de Cedofeita, 27 ● 4050-173 Porto | Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 19:30
41.1492698, -8.617015




Hotel Praia Golfe  Partner

Rua 6, Edifício Praiagolfe ● 4500-357 Espinho |  Phone: +351 227 331 000
41.009444, -8.644722

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Looking for inspiration?


  City & Old Town

bai de bicla - Rent a Bike | Ribeira


bai de bicla - Rent a Bike | Torre dos Clérigos

Torre dos Clérigos


  Green Areas & Parks

bai de bicla - Rent a Bike | Jardim do Palácio de Cristal


bai de bicla - Rent a Bike | Parque da Cidade

Parque da Cidade

bai de bicla - Rent a Bike | Jardim das Virtudes

Jardim das Virtudes


  Beach, Sea & River

bai de bicla - Rent a Bike | Praia de Salgueiros

Praia de Salgueiros

bai de bicla - Rent a Bike | Praia da Luz

Praia da Luz

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Bai de Bicla - Rent a Bike
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Miquel Àngel Llull
Miquel Àngel Llull
18:49 23 Jul 20
Good service!
Zaitsev .
Zaitsev .
09:42 02 Oct 19
Friendly, helpful service. Highly recommend
Vincenzo La Rosa Gangi
Vincenzo La Rosa Gangi
11:23 10 Mar 19
Good service, and nice guy at the reception!!
Li Ling Low
Li Ling Low
14:13 28 Sep 18
Good service, friendly and helpful. Excellent value for money. We enquired the bike rental shops along the Douro River,... and almost of all of them had rented out their bikes out that afternoon. Furthermore, the rental rates are much higher along the Douro River. Bai de Bicla shop is a little tricky to find as it is near on a tourist pedestrian only street and located on the second floor. There is just a bicycle with sign to pinpoint the doorway to the shop. They have a good selection of bikes in good working condition, and we hired 2 foldable bikes for 3 days. They will carry the bikes up/down the shop to the street for you. We recommend checking them out!read more
Krutitckiy Semen
Krutitckiy Semen
20:47 10 Sep 18
все отлично! внимательный персонал и хорошие прогулочные велосипеды)
Cyril Cyril
Cyril Cyril
17:39 01 Sep 18
A very Nice and honest person.i recommend.
Geoffrey Bensimon
Geoffrey Bensimon
17:50 25 Apr 17
Great service
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