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What are cookies?


Cookies improve the performance of websites and allow you to store the same previous actions or settings. Are small text files stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive and can contain information about you or your computer.

Cookies are not viruses. Cookies play a number of different tasks, such as allowingnavigate between pages efficiently, reminding you your preferences and saving you time, because you don’t have to re-enter your details each time you visit a page.

We use cookies to improve the performance of our websites, analyzing the way are used by themselves and by other customers. In this way it is possible to introduce improvements to our websites. Cookies can also help ensure that the ads you see online are the most relevant to you.

Cookies are divided into “First Party” (those set by our website directly) and “Third Party” * (those defined by the partners of our website, for example, through a “chat” function available on some of our websites). To be classified as “session cookies”(only for the session) or “permanent cookies” (which are stored in your browser between sessions and recognize us on your return).

It is important to know that you can disable cookies at any time in whole or in part,on your internet browser.

On this website we have cookies based on Cookies Tab of the International Chamber of Commerce of UK. The following is a list of all the cookies used on our website,by category:

Category 1: essential Cookies-These cookies allow you to access the services that specifically requested and are essential to allow navigation on the website and the use of your applications, such as access to secure areas through login.

Without these cookies, the services that require cannot be provided, for example, our online sales.

Category 2: performance Cookies-These cookies collect anonymous information about how you use this site and will help us improve the functioning of the same. All the information collected is anonymous. These cookies do not collect personal information.

Category 3: Cookies functionality-these cookies allow recall user preferences regarding the navigation of the website, such as your username, the selected language and country. These cookies also enable remember that changes made and interest that you have requested, such as, for example, in the preview of a video or a comment on a Blog.

Category 4: analytical or advertising Cookies-These cookies collect information about your surfing habits allowing highlight items or services that may be of interest to you. These cookies are typically placed by advertising networks, with the authorization of, and recall what the websites the user visited. This information is shared withother organizations, such as advertisers. Many times these cookies are linked to site functionality provided by another organization.

Cookies do not allow us to gather any personal information and do not record any personal information supplied to us in your cookies. For more information about how we handle personal information we will voluntarily provide through our websites, please see our privacy policy.

* Third-party cookies are set by the partners of our websites and we cannot controlthe dissemination of the same. For more information about these cookies, you should consult the relevant third party website.